Saturday, January 26, 2013

Making Multimedia Meaningful

Talking About Health Education:

Once upon a time, we 'talked' to our students about drugs, sex, nutrition, fitness....we stayed in the 'physical domain', it was safe, needed, and we recognized that the family was the primary teacher of how they managed these.

NOW... we recognize that the 'physical' is just one domain....and just as important, are the domains of 'emotional health', 'social health', intellectual health', and the others....AND we live in a time where our students can access content from a variety of sources, all on their own...again, my mantra, we, teachers, are no longer the limiting factor in the front of the room. We are the facilitators. We assist students in learning how to take that information, as a springboard; analyze it, apply it, make informed decisions, set personal goals, self-manage, practice the skills needed to be proactive, and holistically healthy, ......maybe even become an advocate, a teacher. And families, have changed, time has shifted, and no one is in control of how, when or where the information is accessed.

Here's is one high school lesson to introduce the topic: